12 in 2012 Challenge!

I was looking for some great 2012 challenges already set up online for me to join!  I feel like when something is a challenge or a game, I am more apt to work at it and complete it.  But I couldn’t find any great all-around improve your life challenges that summed up what Robert and I are itching to do this year.  So we made our own…welcome to the 12 in 2012 Challenge!

Here you can make a list (or more than one list) that can be 12 exercises you will learn, 12 books you will read, 12 recipes you will master, 12 homemade projects you will tackle, whatever you want!  You can even make one list that includes a mix of anything too-they don’t have to be thematic.

I have drafted up my lists and Robert and I are working on household list too.

Here’s what we have so far with links:

Beef wellington
Fried chicken – I can’t fry food worth anything currently…
Donuts – See above!
Sourdough bread
Santa Cake
Rainbow cake in jars http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331893711/ For my b-day!
Delicious cinnamon rolls!
Butter chicken
Swiss cake roll

Laundry Detergent http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331909043/
Dishwasher Detergent http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331909042/
Toilet paper wreath-Collect and create http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331870653/
Update dressers in bedroom-maps http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331728622/
Fill and hang up all photo frames
Get canvas and poster framed and up
Halloween or thanksgiving pumpkins http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331909866/
Plant a pot of potatoes
Grow herb garden in San Antonio pots
Kill chickens http://www.ebeyfarm.blogspot.com/p/we-sell-chickens.html
Have a garage sale
Rainbow wreath http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331914457/ For my b-day!

100 days challenge http://100dayschallenge.org/
Bike the Burke Gilman trail
Bike to church
Bike around bottom of lake
Bike around all of Lake Washington
Work up to 12 pullups
100 pushup challenge http://hundredpushups.com/
200 situps challenge http://www.twohundredsitups.com/
Couch to 5K completion http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml
Run a 5K
Run 4 miles
Run 5 miles

On top of that, and our previous post’s dreams, I have a million other ideas, like…

Hang tight to see our household list of 12!


One comment on “12 in 2012 Challenge!

  1. Hi! I’m from the linkup at Money Saving Mom. Your goals sound great! Do you have any ideas of what Christmas gifts you want to make? And which herbs are you going to grow?

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