12 in 2012 Update (Plus Life Updates!)

Here’s what we started with and my notes along the way for progress:

Beef wellington
Fried chicken – I can’t fry food worth anything currently…We made this, it was great!  And we ate almost all of it in one sitting-oops!
Donuts – See above!
Sourdough bread-We made it and liked it a lot but need to work on keeping our starter alive longer to let the sour flavor really develop.
Santa Cake
Rainbow cake in jars http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331893711/ For my b-day!-My sister made cupcakes for us instead, so I still need to  make jarred rainbow cakes.
Delicious cinnamon rolls!-Made Pioneer Woman’s recipe which was good.  Loved the allrecipes.com Clone of a Cinnabon one, and still have one more potato based recipe to make.


Butter chicken-Made this twice and really loved it, working to perfect it now.
Swiss cake roll

Laundry Detergent http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331909043/ – Love it and have made more twice already!
Dishwasher Detergent http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331909042/ – Hated it. Using it as a general house cleaner now, it left smudge, water spots, everything.
Toilet paper wreath-Collect and create http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331870653/
Update dressers in bedroom-maps http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331728622/
Fill and hang up all photo frames
Get canvas and poster framed and up – Just need to find time to put them up.
Halloween or thanksgiving pumpkins http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331909866/
Plant a pot of potatoes – We should be harvesting within the next month!
Grow herb garden in San Antonio pots
Kill chickens http://www.ebeyfarm.blogspot.com/p/we-sell-chickens.html
Have a garage sale-Cancelled…
Rainbow wreath http://pinterest.com/pin/131589620331914457/ For my b-day!-We made a drink umbrella wreath instead!

100 days challenge http://100dayschallenge.org/ – Done first 100 days of the year!
Bike the Burke Gilman trail
Bike to church
Bike around bottom of lake
Bike around all of Lake Washington
Work up to 12 pullups
100 pushup challenge http://hundredpushups.com/
200 situps challenge http://www.twohundredsitups.com/
Couch to 5K completion http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtmlStarted and then we went to the East Coast on vacation and walked so much we chose not to run each day.  Then we returned….PREGNANT.  Needless to say, my health and exercise plans have changed a ton!  Remember how last year one of my life goals was to not have any crushes starting Jan 1st and then I ended the year married to the best man in the world?  This is a similar situation!
Run a 5K
Run 4 miles
Run 5 miles

On top of that, and our previous post’s dreams, I have a million other ideas, like…


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