Most Important Thing To Do Before Baby Arrives

You probably saw my over 80 item to-do list before baby arrives.  But there is one thing on the list that is my most important item in preparing before baby arrives.  It is being Godly parents.  If there was anything I could pass onto my child, besides its father’s good looks it would be our love for the Lord.  I want our child to know in any situation, joy or struggle, we turn to Christ for strength.  I want our child to trust God in all things, hope in all things, and love in all situations.

And we can’t pass that on unless we feel and trust the exact same way ourselves.

So I am working on building my bible reading and prayer times back up after a year of choosing to be too busy.  To start, we have over 150 days till baby arrives and we just started the 31 day month of August. I will be reading a Psalm a day, hopefully finishing before baby arrives and one Proverb a day for this month.

I had a really anxious first trimester with high HCG values (turns out we were farther along than anyone knew), low progesterone (having to go on supplements till week 12), and a lot of spotting.  I wish I had spent more time in prayer and trustful relationship with God, no matter what the outcome.  I don’t want to have that same regret the rest of this pregnancy now I am nearly 18 weeks along.

The best part of drawing closer to God is it enriches my life, our marriage, and our future child(ren).



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