To Do Before Baby Arrives List

I have read a ton of these lists, most are the same 7-10 items like buy a car seat, install it safely, etc.  None of them were comprehensive enough for the list-lover that I am.

So I made my own…feel free to read, use, add items for us!

write thank you notes
Book Babymoon
18 week checkup
Gender Test
Buy first gender outfit
go to amy’s for baby stuff
22 week visit

go on babymoon
decide on cord banking options
contact cord banking decision
go on babymoon
complete baby registry
clean out nursery closet
finish painting house
Paint room
26 week visit
Buy crib
Buy car seat
Buy stroller
Buy recliner
Put together crib
Put together car seat
Put together stroller
Connect stroller/car seat
Glucose Tolerance Test
clean nursery carpet
Decorate walls
buy cloth diapers
find pediatrician
declutter drawers all over house
Clean baker’s rack
Put crib, baker’s rack, bookshelf, and recliner in room
Halloween Party
30 week visit
celebrate anniversary
clean carpets
decorate bedroom
assess household needs
buy any assessed household needs
go on a bunch of dates
marriage conference
32 week visit
take baby prep class
Put car seat in car
34 week visit
buy christmas gifts early
buy stocking gifts
have a baby shower
thank you notes from showers
wash baby clothes/things
put clothes in room
put diapers/wipes in room
buy night light
make baby basket in bathroom
CPR class
get breast pump
buy two maternity bras
group B strep test-wk 35
install diaper washer
set up dirty diaper holder
make ten freezer meals
36 week visit
nonstress test-wk 36
get a last haircut
get eyebrows threaded
pack my hospital bag
pack robert’s
pack diaper bag
arrange dog sitters/food/leashes/keys
make email distribution list for labor/announcement
37 week visit
38 week visit
39 week visit
40 week visit
41 week visit
42 week visit


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