Getting Ready For Baby Etc.

As we are preparing our hearts for a baby, we are also working hard to prepare our home for all the things that come with a baby!

We are making a baby registry for friends and family but more importantly we are making room in our house before we even buy or receive anything.

We have a few key steps in process that we’d love to share with you.

1. Declutter like CRAZY. is a great place to go for decluttering ideas.

  • Personally, we’re moving through one area at a time. We have about three large bookshelves, we scan through one at a time, each of us in order to find books we will never read again and would never recommend either.
  • Go through each of your clothes closets and drawers for anything you haven’t worn in over a year (fancy party clothes are my only exception). For pregnant women, this is a great time to revamp your closet. Get rid of clothes you won’t wear again as a mom or you’ve always hated. Don’t feel the need to fill your closet with maternity clothes totally either, since after your nine months you won’t find them attractive till another pregnancy.
  • Walk through your garage/storage areas separately and find what can be tossed, given away, or sold.  This also gives you time to look through what can be recycled or re-organized.
  • Go through your fridge and pantry and toss anything that has expired. This should be done every month at least, but now you have the time pre-kid.
  • Go through your kitchen drawer/cabinets. If you haven’t used a baking/cooking item in a year, it should probably go.  Even if you desperately wanted a bread maker for your wedding if you haven’t used it since your first year of marriage, a goodbye may be the best thing. Since we’re still in our first year of wedded bliss, we’re planning to do this after our anniversary but before baby’s arrival to see what we never used.

2. Organize like MAD.

  • This is the time to re-format your house as needed. Remember how when you moved in you put glasses here or there to try it out and they’ve stayed there for years now?  If that is not really the best place for the glasses to be, now is the time to move them, etc.
  • This gives you a chance to pull out any kids’ books you’ve been saving or were given on the same shelf, to organize first aid stuff together, etc.
  • Organize your desk/office spaces so you always know what drawer has stamps/envelopes/stationary, organize kitchen drawers so you always know where to find matches/candles/birthday candles, etc.  Store items that belong together, together!

3.  Clean like a newborn is moving in SOON.

  • You will have a sensitive baby moving into your house-sensitive skin, sense of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. Cleaning your fridge coils, air filters, and carpets are good steps before baby moves in to keep the air as clean as possible.
  • Wipe your walls down if needed or in our case put the new coat of paint on a few months before baby is due so air has cleared.
  • Vacuum or clean your furniture as needed. This is the time to remove stains, clean up dog hair, etc before baby arrives.
  • If you’re feeling the nesting urge (which I  think has hit me this week) clean as much as you can while still taking care of yourself by keeping your heart rate below 140, staying hydrated, using safe cleaning products, and taking rests. I am desperate to clean my silverware drawer out today!

What else would you add?


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