Queen of Reading

I am a voracious and fast reader but I have heard that once kids come you either never read a book again, or read the same book for months before finishing.  I have decided I want to gorge on as many books as possible before baby comes just in case either of those options happen.  Luckily I live amongst the best library system in the states.

So I asked the three biggest readers in my life for suggestions, then added my own re-reads I want to go through again, and a few more baby related books I still want to read.  Check out my list and make your own suggestions.

Teej’s list for me * The Survivor Personality, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,  Markings,  Gravity and Grace , Infinite Jest, or Consider the Lobster, The Idiot, Reach for the SunThe Habit of Being.

RJ’s list for me * Girl in Translation, Glass Castle, re-read To Kill A Mockingbird, Dubliners, Anna Karenina, All The King’s Men, Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, IQ84.

Jen’s list for me * A Sense of the World, The Road, King Leopold’s Ghost, Operating Instructions.

My re-read list * And Ladies of the Club, Gilead, One Thousand Gifts, Stepping Heavenward, Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys, Pride and Prejudice, Committed, Celia’s House 

My baby book list * One Year to an Organized Life with Baby

What would you add? How many do you think I can get through? I am aware that IQ84 is a bit daunting and may be saved till baby’s naptimes.


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