Baby To Do List Updated

Remember this gigantic list…

Well I added more to it and am happy to report that nearly everything got done!

We crossed over 80 items off of our to do list.  It helped that I set time frames for each step so we weren’t rushing to do everything in our last few weeks or even last trimester.

I feel really prepared list-wise for having a baby though I know that no one can really prepare for an infant or even the tiredness.  I think I even intimidated some people with how much we got done in advance.  For instance, I stocked our freezer with lots of meals and broths and other items for easy food post-baby.  Some people viewing a picture I posted on facebook said they didn’t feel the need to bring any meals after baby arrives.  I’d like to say, we still want to see you and would love if you bring snacks or skim milk or even sandwich materials.  Even prepped meals would be easier than us having to defrost and cook something some nights, and we definitely want to hang out too!  I just wanted to feel prepped myself for the first few months so I didn’t have to rely on others, but if anyone wants to be hospitable and helpful, they still can!

There were a few items that didn’t get crossed off of the list but we are okay with this and think we have good reasons:

marriage conference-we realized that I didn’t want to sleep anywhere besides my own bed third trimester

set up diaper washer-we’re only using disposables at first, so have time to still set this up for cloth diapering
set up dirty diaper holder-just need a plastic bag for now for disposables, but we have all the pieces for the cloth diaper holder
finish painting house-our toilet leaked and then our roof leaked and mold grew in our attic, so painting is on hold but we did get a large portion of the house done.  And once I am no longer pregnant (as of tomorrow), I can help with painting in 2013!
massage-decided not to spend the money
get eyebrows threaded-decided not to spend the money
decorate bedroom-the moldy attic and leaky roof prevented this project from ever starting
make a Legacy Drawer-started, but we want to write a will together after baby is born which will be the basis for the Legacy Drawer


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