Reading Update

Remember my giant to-read-list-before-baby?  I got through a lot of them but definitely  not all.  I had trouble finding most of Teej’s list from my library system which is odd since it’s the best system in the US currently.  I will keep working to find, borrow, or buy these so I can read them.

I also hit a point in November where I was so excited about the upcoming baby’s arrival that my brain turned to mush and I could mostly just read cookbooks.

So to officially recap, with some thoughts:

Teej’s list for me * The Survivor Personality, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,  Markings,  Gravity and Grace , Infinite Jest, or Consider the LobsterThe IdiotReach for the SunThe Habit of Being.

RJ’s list for me * Girl in Translation this was an interesting read not totally my favorite but the main character’s way of interpreting the English language felt spot on, Glass Castle, re-read To Kill A MockingbirdDublinersAnna KareninaAll The King’s MenPilgrim at Tinker’s CreekThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks– this was such a fascinating read, I got hooked in right away and followed the author on her 10 year journey to pursue this story, being a science person-it was exciting and reminded me of my Bioethics college lectures, IQ84.

Jen’s list for me * A Sense of the WorldThe Road-Beautiful book.  I am a fan of distopic novels and this one is a post-distopic novel of sorts.  Simple, short, and wonderfully written, King Leopold’s Ghost-I had to push through this book a few times but still was so glad I read it and understood so much more of the history of a generally undiscussed genocide of sorts, Operating Instructions after finishing this book in just two days I couldn’t stop relating stories to my husband that were relevant to my thoughts/plans for parenting.

My re-read list * And Ladies of the ClubGileadOne Thousand GiftsStepping Heavenward-I consistently love this book and learn from it after every reading, Little Women what a lovely book though it was funny to be reading it when we found out we were having a baby BOY, Little Men so I jumped quickly into Little Men to be better prepared for parenting a son and actually learned a few great tips (Sunday Closet), Jo’s Boys I always love this book and am so glad L.M. Alcott wrote all three books in succession, Pride and PrejudiceCommittedCelia’s House 

My baby book list * One Year to an Organized Life with Baby

Extra books I read (generally ones I had put on hold long ago at the library that came available in these months):  State of Wonder – this was an interesting book, beautiful-yes, but realistic-no. I know too much about science to believe most of this but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.  Gone Girl-Intriguing book but I can’t say I’d recommend it yet, there was absolutely no redemption in it.  Game of Thrones-I am not normally a fantasy reader, but this book was great albeit long, but not overlong. Just set aside the time to read it and you’ll love it.  I want to watch the first season of the show version from HBO before I read more in this series since not all the books have been written or filmed yet. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail– Great read, I’m actually excited to see a movie of this one someday though am not sure that Reese Witherspoon has the darkness to pull it off but that wise lady bought the movie rights months before the book was even published.

I read many other books about babies, pregnancy, childbirth, freezer cooking, and some mysteries for fun.  I am actually glad I didn’t get through the list or even half of it because it gives me some more good reading time while breastfeeding.


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