2013 Goals

  1. 2013Eat more whole foods.  We are getting another Full Circle box of produce each week starting in early January.   This will help for the first few months of baby’s life as we eat through all the meals I prepped in the freezer for post-baby life.  Then once we get through most of those quick meals, I plan to develop a 30 day whole food, non-processed menu for us.
  2. Our big audacious goal for the year is to finish off both our school loans and car loan this year.  We have over $40,000 to go but think with lots of hard work it is do-able.  I want to earn more money from home this year, we will continue our amazing cash budget, and have at least one garage sale this year.  We’re also prepared to put any extra money (bonuses, stock options, etc) into loans to be able to accomplish this as fast as possible.  It might end up being a crazy year for us financially, but to be debt free at the end makes us crazy in the best way possible!
  3. We want to be healthy active parents.  This means we need to take care of ourselves physically so we can take care of our darling son.  I’d like to work through my health goals from 2012 that I wasn’t able to finish when I found out I was pregnant.
  4. Make time for marriage.  Before we got pregnant or ever dreamed of doing so, we fell in love and started building a life together.  I want Robert to be my first love after God and I want to always build our lives as a family and not just as parents.  For Christmas, I bought us a couples’ devotional to work through this year which should help keep us on the same page and talking and reading the Word together on a daily basis.
  5. Keep working to establish routines at home and to make our home more and more clutter free.  As soon as we emerge from the initial baby haze, I plan to slowly go through each room and declutter even if it takes months to make more white space in our house.
  6. Be grateful and graceful.  I plan to write 1000 Gifts I experience this year like in Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.  This is about 3 items a day in a journal that I am thankful for, be it small things like baby smiles or big things like paying off another loan.  It will be fun to read through my list as time goes on, especially when I fall into a slump and think that God is not working as much as usual in my life.

3 comments on “2013 Goals

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  2. […] our freezer with prepped foods, microwave items, and frozen pizzas.  Last month our get out of debt savings goal was to eat out of our pantry and freezer and we only bought milk, eggs, fresh produce, and $50 […]

  3. […] over 30 of those chains last year.  At the start of 2013, we still had 42 chains left plus this big audacious goal of destroying this chain one link at a time by fall of this […]

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