Slowly Going Natural


I took several environmental health and sciences classes between college and grad school, each one slowly encouraging me to seek natural options.  They gave ways of living that allow seven generations from now to live contentedly too and not leave them with a ravaged earth.  So slowly bit by bit I have been trying to switch every day or common use items in my life and now my family’s lives to be more natural, which often is cheaper too which I totally support.

I’m going to list and link to some things we’ve already switched over directly and love.  Then others we’re working on, things we’ve tried and haven’t liked, and last things we’d like to switch over.  If you have any other ideas for us or links for things we’d like to switch send them our way!

Switches We’ve Already Made

Switches in Process

  • Eating more whole foods and less processed.  We’re doing this by:
  1. Buying free range, locally raised, naturally organic (but not certified) beef and pork
  2. Make more and more items homemade-for us we do this largely through seasoning mixes, baked goods, soups, etc.
  3. Eat more local and/or organic food
  4. Eat more vegetarian meals
  • Personally, I am attempting homemade deodorant currently.  I went deodorant free for a few days just to clear anything out of my skin and get a baseline.  Now I have three little containers one each with coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch. So far I like it-no rash, itchiness, or smell. I even asked Robert if he had noticed anything different as I went completely without and now that I have my three containers and he said no, so that’s great so far.

Switches We Made and Didn’t Like

  • Dishwasher detergent.  Since our laundry detergent worked so well, we thought this similar recipe for dishwashers would be fabulous . So we made a giant batch-nope!  After two or three washes all of our glassware had a distinct film and weren’t their normal sparkly and clear selves.  So now we use that giant batch to clean toilets/sinks/whatever can handle a hard scrub.

Things We Are Interested in Trying to Switch

  • I am fascinated and terrified with the No Poo Concept.  Here’s a news article detailing it, though lots of how to websites exist if you google… . I love the natural origins, the fact that people didn’t use shampoo for thousands of years, the low cost, and the potential for beautiful hair.  But the trial period terrifies me so far, though granted I am currently a stay at home mom and maybe no one would see me for a while anyways besides Robert and baby.
  • Probably next year we hope to have a small organic container garden.  We grew a few potatoes last year, darn you cutworms!  This year I was hoping to grow potatoes, bush beans, strawberries, and a few others but when we sat down with our budget and our goal of trying to pay off all our debt and decided against it.  The cost up front would be over $100 and with a newborn I probably won’t have the time to really invest the way you should in a garden.  But next year should be our year and we’ll be debt free by fall hopefully so I can spend the winter dreaming and budgeting for this goal.
  • Someday…I’d love to make all my own bread and cheese and yogurt.  I tried yogurt once before I had as many nice kitchen utensils like a picnic cooler or crock pot and the only jar I had was a clean store bought spaghetti sauce jar.  Yogurt texture was good, but tasted like spaghetti sauce.
  • Switching most household cleaners over to baking soda, vinegar, lemons, and elbow grease.  We have a ton of cleaners, see our photo above there?  Robert bought cleaning supplies from Costco for years so we have about 4 of every kind of bottle. But as I keep using them up bit by bit, I want to start moving to completely all natural, safe for anyone products like baking soda, vinegar, and lemons.  And the easiest way to do that and to stop using removes-built-up-grime full of chemical products…is to clean more often and scrub hard.

What have you switched over in your house? What do you long to switch?  What hasn’t worked for you?


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