Things We’d Like to Do in Our House




I have a terrible habit.  I NEVER decorate.  This made sense in college and grad school when I lived in dorms or concrete walled structures or someone else’s home and couldn’t/didn’t put up nails.  And I have never grown out of that habit.  Before I was married, I told myself I would save my decoration ideas/skills for marriage-silly idea.  But now I’ve been married a while, long enough to have a two month old baby and I still haven’t decorated.  I always tell myself well…I’ll decorate our next house where we’ll stay longer or I’ll decorate once every room is decluttered, clean, and painted.  Silly me.

The funniest part…I have bought decorations over the years for my “future” home.  Not many, because I am actually really picky about decorations/artwork.  I want to love it for at least ten years or I won’t buy it.  But I have a good amount of things saved up and ideas for how to place/put/hang them and yet I haven’t.

So we’re going to start decorating even if we move someday, even if the walls aren’t all painted yet, even if I might decide I don’t like a room/decoration/set up in less than ten years.  This may be a slow movement towards a dream house.  Because:

  1. We’re on a tight budget to get debt free ASAP.
  2. We have a newborn who takes up a lot of time.
  3. The house isn’t decluttered and every room isn’t clean yet.
  4. The walls aren’t all painted.

But we can do what we can; slowly, surely, frugally.  So here’s our current list.  I will add more ideas as they come and share photos and feedback as we complete them.

  • Finish painting all the rooms and doors and trim Behr’s Hushed White
  • Paint one to two accent walls downstairs
  • Curtains on sliding glass door
  • Curtain in baby’s room
  • Curtains in living room
  • Cushy kitchen mat
  • Pegboard for hanging items in kitchen, ala Julia Child style
  • New windshield wipers and windshield
  • New vacuum-current one is great and even vacuums up chewed up pine cones (thank you dogs) but won’t last forever
  • Improve lighting over fireplace
  • Frame my diplomas and make a diploma wall
  • Frame and create a photo wall of Robert’s photography
  • Choose, print, and frame Black and White photos for Downstairs bathroom
  • Find artwork for Master Bedroom
  • Choose, print, and frame family photos for Matthew’s nursery so he can stare at faces of people he loves often even if he can’t see them often

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