Eating Better in March-Week One: Vegetarian


Robert and I have been wanting to eat more whole foods, less processed, more organic, more mindful for a while now.  But with baby arriving in late December we did the new parent thing of stocking our freezer with prepped foods, microwave items, and frozen pizzas.  Last month our get out of debt savings goal was to eat out of our pantry and freezer and we only bought milk, eggs, fresh produce, and $50 worth of extras.  So our freezer has a bit more space now and we are ready to start buying more and more fresh items with ideally one ingredient each.

We decided March was a great month to start and discussed doing week focuses, for four days straight in each week.  This week’s focus will be eating vegetarian foods only for four days.  We could go longer but don’t want to go too intensely since I am nursing baby still.  We already eat vegetarian for most breakfasts and about one to two dinners a week but making more of an effort is a goal for us health-wise as well as great for the environment.  It is also a great opportunity to dig through all the recipes I have saved online and from magazines to try new foods/meals/techniques.  It should also keep costs low because cooking at home with fresh food is often cheaper than eating out or eating a fully prepped dinner.

The new recipes I chose for this week are: Martha Stewart’s Indian-Spiced Bean and Tomato Soup, pasta with leeks and sugar snap peas & lemons, kale salad, and corn chowder with zucchini and orzo.  We made a vegetarian frittata this weekend and have another half of one in the fridge for breakfasts as well as cereal, oatmeal, and regular toast and eggs.  We also have bean burritos and vegetarian chili in the freezer for lunches.  And boiled eggs, garbanzo beans for hummus, and other fruits and vegetables for snacks.  We probably have more than enough food but that’s great because we’ll eat it!


One comment on “Eating Better in March-Week One: Vegetarian

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