Eating Better in March-Week Two: Gluten Free



The changes we’ve been trying and planning to make with our diets this month are not based on an acute need like a suspected allergy for any of our three family members.  We just want to be more mindful of what we’re eating, how it may affect us, and how we can use the foods we eat to keep ourselves healthy for years and years to come.  We have family members and many friends who have to be on Gluten Free diets for Celiac Disease and various gluten allergies.  We’ve even heard people who don’t have an allergy say they feel so much better on a Gluten Free diet after just four days, hence our four day changes.  So we decided to take this week’s upcoming Monday through Thursday to go Gluten Free as a family.  We also chose four days because it was the majority of the week, didn’t include the weekend, and wasn’t so drastic as to affect nursing baby Matthew.

In our weekend off between vegetarian and gluten free and thinking ahead to our dairy free week coming later, we decided to make and eat lasagna and croque-monsieurs where we could enjoy meat, wheat flour, and dairy all at once.  Yum.

On our cooking list this week we have a lot of whole food recipes; buffalo shrimp, spatchcocked chicken with potato/green bean salad, baked eggs inside baked potatoes, shrimp and feta, homemade chili, shepherd’s pie, pad thai, huevos rancheros, and tostadas.  That is way more recipes than we’ll be able to eat but I love having lots of ideas.  Though oatmeal is essentially gluten free, we only have Quaker Oats which doesn’t guarantee to be free from gluten contaminants so we’ll be skipping that this week.  On our grocery trip (see photo above) this week we were so happy to realize our list only called us around the store’s edges where the real fresh, least processed foods are sold.  Obviously we won’t be eating the Dave’s Killer Bread this week but the price was too good to be passed up.

To prepare today we cooked up another giant pot of beans, boiled eggs, and prepped a Shepherd’s Pie for lunch tomorrow.  I also went through our pantry, kitchen, and freezers reading labels and making a giant box of items with gluten or questionable gluten content.  Check out all the gluten filled items below…



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