Day Two: What I Hope Will Happen

I am aware that my house won’t be perfect shiny shiny castle-like at the end of October. But there are some things I really hope come out of this project.

1. I hope the house is cleaner.

2. I hope I start to work out a weekly cleaning schedule and maybe begin working on a monthly one too. I know there are tons and tons of cleaning schedules on <a href=>Pinterest</a>. But I haven’t gotten one to work for me, which is largely lack of motivation…which leads me to…

3. More motivation to clean because it blesses me and it blesses my family and home.

4. I learn how to make my life easier as time goes on like always clearing the table after meals so the dishes are all in the sink when I am ready to run the dishwasher. Or carrying things that belong upstairs actually up the stairs with me when I go up and vice-versa with the downstairs items.

I am excited to see if these four outcomings/blessings come out of this experiment and maybe even more that I can’t expect?  What do you think might happen?

My 20 minutes of cleaning happened later today than yesterday because my oldest would not fall asleep even after a big outing to a local pumpkin patch/activities farm. And let’s be honest, after a big outing with two kids (and hubby at work so he couldn’t be an extra pair of hands) I wanted to just rest but I made a deal to do 20 minutes of cleaning a day and so I went for it, setting my alarm. And guess what, I was in a groove once the 20 minute alarm rang, so I went 18 more minutes till little baby woke crying again (what happened to his long naps?). So items written with an asterisk happened in the 18 extra minutes. Since my house is sort of a perpetual crazy mess, I always love the feeling of one clean room-even if it’s the smallest and just a bathroom. It’s nice to know one place is totally under control. So I headed for our messiest bathroom, the master bedroom which gets a lot of use but not much attention or cleaning.

In 20 minutes I:

Emptied the tub of all bottles and toys

Pulled down both shower curtains for washing (this seems like something that maids especially would do since it’s not a daily or weekly chore for most people)

Sprayed cleaner everywhere and scrubbed a bit, not perfect and I need a toothbrush and vinegar to get it great but it’s a good start

I did some attentive scrubbing to the window over our tub that seems to mildew easily

Gathered all the garbage (sad to say it was a whole grocery bag full of empty toilet paper rolls, empty bottles of shampoo, other packaging, etc

Moved things that don’t belong there anymore to bathroom cabinets (since our master bathroom that I cleaned today is just a toilet & tub)

Did a super quick washcloth mop of the floors (I need to go back later and vacuum and do a deep mop but baby was sleeping in the room, so it wasn’t worth waking him)

* Put the shower curtains in the washer and started it with some other dirty items around the house and a towel (to scrub it)

* Threw away squirt bath toys that are old and most likely disgusting

* Washed bath toys in our kitchen sink in soap/water (see photo below)


*Then, because I liked having all the dishes and knives done yesterday and sink cleaned I did all those items again today. It seems nice to be back to neutral in the kitchen and in this bathroom now.

Maybe that will be a new trick or outcome of this experiment too, learning to reclean the same things everyday instead of waiting days or weeks to get around to it.

Till then, tomorrow is another day and another 20 minutes!

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.




3 comments on “Day Two: What I Hope Will Happen

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  2. As a teacher, I love goals!

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