Day Three: All The Clothes

Is it embarrassing that my husband is already impressed with what has gotten done in just two days? Does that say something about the state of our home? At first I thought I may not even tell my husband about this experiment but then I needed some tech help with the blog and spilled the beans, and luckily for me he noticed within two days anyways…bless him. He was very impressed that I cleaned our bathroom so well and tidied the kitchen again.

I am starting to get a glimpse of how short 20 minutes is in the sense that even I can find 20 minutes in my day to dedicate to extra cleaning. I am also starting to see how long 20 minutes is in the sense that I can get so much done in that time. Plus, once I start with just 20 minutes everyday so far I have been motivated to clean even more and to finish the task at hand.  Obviously, I won’t always have extra time and the first two days my extra time was cut short by my youngest waking up but it’s still been helpful to just start with 20 minutes.

Today is clothes. When we were newlyweds laundry was easy, we did one load of whites and one load of colored/darks each week and they were washed, dried, and put away no problem. With children it has been a bit harder. I am pretty good at doing the laundry everyday because we use cloth diapers so that is a great motivator but with the addition of our second child in 17 months I have not been so great at putting the clothes away all the time. Add to that how quickly both boys are outgrowing old clothes and growing into new clothes and the fact that my husband and I are both out-skinnying old clothes with our weight loss there is a lot of shift around here which means clothes everywhere.  Do you have the problem of clothes everywhere?

In 20 minutes I:

  • Ran around the whole downstairs and sccooped up all the clothes not put away
  • Hung up all the jackets/sweatshirts lying around
  • Grabbed all my scarves I had worn and tossed around
  • Started a load of laundry
  • Scooped up all the clothes lying around the upstairs (not counting our closet where one baby is asleep or the nursery where the other baby is asleep)
  • Started tackling the two baskets and one pile of clean clothes in our bedroom

*Kept going past 20 minutes for another 40, can you believe it!

*Finished emptying laundry baskets and putting items away

*Made a sock box to match up all the unmatched which now have spread into different colonies over the past few months

*Matched up those dang socks

*Created a box of clothes that I want to keep but both babies have outgrown, previously it was a quickly growing pile


*Made a bag of maternity clothes to give away that no longer fit me on our local Buy Nothing Facebook page

*Made a pile of other kids items that don’t fit to give away

*Posted the pile of kids clothes on our local Buy Nothing Facebook page, find your own here!

*Put all the things away that I could right now (see sleeping babies comment above)

*And picked out and set out clothes for my oldest to wear all next week!

Wooo, clothes tackled and two bags/piles to get rid of asap! I do need about five more minutes to get all the items away like socks, clothes that go in the nursery/closet but that won’t take long.  Next up tomorrow, is tidying the nursery! It’s a perfect task for a weekend because my husband can watch the kids while I do my 20 minutes upstairs. Normally I can’t work upstairs with two little boys downstairs and once they are napping there’s always at least one of them occupying the room and both are light sleepers.

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


3 comments on “Day Three: All The Clothes

  1. Lisa says:

    You accomplished a lot in 20 minutes! It’s amazing how laundry and clothes can pile up.

  2. Ells says:

    Hooray for you!!! Great job sticking with your 20 (+) minutes! Isn’t that feeling of accomplishment and a clean kitchen/bathroom/closet a nice one! 🙂

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