Day Four: Nursery Time



Today was a very busy day. I helped host a baby shower for my best friend who is expecting her baby in the next few months. That kept me out of the house for many hours as well as kept me amongst many tasty temptations while I ate meat, lettuce, and fruit only.

But I got my 20 minutes in, no more today. I had my darling husband watch our active toddler and I put baby (pictured here) in his big brother’s crib with a musical mobile fascinating him. See his inquisitive gaze?

I put away all the toddler clothes that have been waiting in our room for a while now to be sorted. And I organized some more clothes my oldest has outgrown that need to be boxed up officially for little brother to grow into before we know it.

So in 20 minutes I:

  • Put away all the clothes in the room that fit
  • Organized and put away all the books (oh so many)
  • Organized all the clothes that don’t fit
  • Gathered random trash (mostly pages of books the toddler ripped out while aggressively reading books in his crib)
  • Rolled up a sleeping bag and put it in its sack
  • Folded up some blankets
  • Pulled the crib away from the wall and gathered the toys that have fallen back there and put them in toy boxes
  • Found the big brother/little brother shirts I bought and already forgot about so we can hopefully use them for family photos soon

Now I feel like the room is ready for a good deep cleaning and one more sort of clothes from one boy to another!

Isn’t that last bullet point so common? Buying something that seems important to us but letting it get lost in the shuffle of what we have already bought and paid for…  So much more decluttering needs to happen in our home. But tomorrow is another day and another 20 minutes.

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