Day Five : Resting and Planning

Today is Sunday and our family takes Sundays rather easy as our own Sabbath. So after church, a picnic, naps, workouts, and more family fun time we didn’t have much time for hard work. <–Which I think is totally fair after a long week full of work.


I did take time to start thinking about what I’d like to do next week with my 20 minute cleans. And some items on my list were just small two minute tasks. Remembering David Allen’s Getting Things Done concept of handling any task that takes two minutes or less NOW, I tried to cross those items off my list the next time I walked near their zone. So a few examples of two minute tasks I handled today were putting all the milk pumping items lying around my room away (because I haven’t pumped for my baby for weeks and weeks now.  I also bagged up some trash items around our room quickly so we’re ready to add more this week before garbage day. A few more two minute tasks like that and the house already looks just a little bit better! If I add just two minute tasks throughout my day as easily, my house will stay cleaner too!

My plan for this next week:

Monday- Reset the areas I have already cleaned because just cleaning a room once a month/year/week isn’t enough, you have to learn to keep things clean too

Tuesday-Tidying downstairs and vacuuming/mopping those floors.

Wednesday-Our bedroom-20 minutes

Thursday-Kitchen-20 minutes

Friday-Kitchen-20 minutes (it needs a lot of work)

Saturday-Our bathroom vanity (this is not only a big vanity but a big clutter/disorganization area)

Sunday- Rest and Plan

What’s on your cleaning/home blessing list this week?

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


2 comments on “Day Five : Resting and Planning

  1. Larissa says:

    We have just moved so I have not created a new plan for the new house other than unpack, unpack, and some more unpacking! I love the 2 minute or less concept and I will see how I can work that in this week! Cute kiddos!

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