Day 8: Creating a Sanctuary

While our house has never been great in the clean and organized sense, we still have some particular troublespots. Our kitchen is always CRAZY even though we do at least one load of dishes every night. We really just cook a lot and use a lot of equipment on a regular basis. And our bedroom, well our bedroom is a landing zone for EVERYTHING. We have a large bedroom and our queen bed doesn’t take up much space in there but toys, baby items, baby books, wrapping paper, dog crates, filing cabinets, art supplies, photography supplies, etc take up most of the space. Argh, this is not how I want our bedroom to be but I haven’t figured out a better solution yet.

I still don’t have a solution but I do have 20 minutes (minimum) to donate to our room today.  And trust me, our bedroom will make our to-do list again because 20 minutes isn’t enough.  Where are your hotspots? Is your bedroom a sanctuary?

So in 20 minutes today I:

Stripped the sheets off our bed and threw them downstairs for the next washload

I had already started the laundry so I could get to these before bedtime again

Re-made the bed with clean sheets and pillowcases

Threw some decorative pillows on the bed

Emptied the dryer so the wash can be moved right on after the 20 minutes

Threw away some garbage around the edge of our bed

Put away three new laundry baskets worth of clothes and was able to hang things up without waking baby in the closet…

And then he woke up!

So it’s a start and new clean sheets always feel so nice to climb into after a long day.

This picture is sort of a joke because it’s just the sheet and pillows since the comforters and duvets are all needing a wash tonight!


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