Day Seven: Invite Friends Over

The most tried and true method to get your house cleaner is to invite someone(s) over. This often leads to a rushed crazed throw everything in the closet approach and scrub the toilet/sink before the doorbell rings. And it works, don’t we all know it? But I have gotten tired of the frustrated run around like a chicken with its head cut off attempts at cleaning. So now when I invite friends over, I usually have a few days to prepare. I try and do everything I can in advance and a lot the night before so the morning of I just have a few simple things like vacuuming and scrubbing the aforementioned toilet and sink.

My moms group came over today for a playdate and lunch. We rotate homes every week but a friend needed a backup so I covered for her. We tidied a lot last night and in today’s 20 minutes we:

Picked up toys and books in the living room

Started a load of laundry

Scrubbed the sink/toilet

Shook out carpets

Folded blankets on the couch

Started prepping lunch-not cleaning related, but yum (Amelia Bedelia style again)

And vacuumed the downstairs which our toddler loves to help with and he uses a real working apartment sized machine. I love getting his help and would like to raise up kiddos that are better at cleaning house than I am.


Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.



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