Day Nine: Insanity

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Doesn’t house cleaning feel the same way?  But maybe in my case it’s not the sporadic cleaning that will yield different results but learning to clean everyday for 20 extra minutes besides our regular chores or just making my regular chores hold a larger variety that will lead to a cleaner more peaceful and useful home.

I mean, I can’t be the only person who’d love to let my family go naked so we don’t dirty clothes and then need to wash them again and do the same thing over again each day? Right? Crickets?

For example, I had to make Monday into a followup on last week’s tasks day (though my husband helped with most of them that day since I was so busy otherwise). And yesterday, I sorted through three more baskets of clean clothes after emptying all the other full ones on the 3rd. It doesn’t end. But then neither does the use of clothes, plates, cups, toilets, and the house in general by me and my family members. Since I am so very happy to be with a great husband, blessed with two great sons, and two lovable dogs I know that the messes they make and (let’s be honest, I make) are a necessity and and outcome of our love and life. So if I can keep them warm, fed, clean-ish, and loved that is a blessing. So I keep on keeping on with the house work or the home love (maybe a better term?).

That being said, the kitchen was our task at hand today! There are times we have cleared off one messy countertop to only flood it with items again the same night. No wonder we are frustrated with always having messy countertops! The kitchen is definitely an area that will take cleaning, recleaning, retidying, reorganizing often but when we use the kitchen and then tidy up immediately it really won’t get so bad. And in the end, it won’t drive me insane!

What’s on your to do list today?

In 20 minutes I (and today is some REAL TALK):

  • Rounded up all the random clothes in our kitchen (yes, in the end a whole pile of clothes were there)
  • Lit a candle on our dirty, greasy stove because it makes me feel nice while I make the room look nice


    Light a candle, it will make you feel better!

  • Emptied out our sock pot (seriously. we bought new socks for three out of our four family members and never put them away. we just dumped them into a giant stock pot and have been pulling them out of the pot as needed for weeks now. yes, we are lazy…hence this 31 day experiment).

    This pot is big enough to bathe a chubby five month old, at least a year ago!

    This pot is big enough to bathe a chubby five month old, at least a year ago!

  • Collected all the protein bars from all around the room into one pile
  • Emptied the dishwasher
  • Refilled the dishwasher and started it
  • Rounded up all the garbage and recyclable items

Okay, so when the alarm went off I was all ready to be done. Then I thought about how many other 20 minute days it would take to really clean the kitchen. I know I planned to be working in the kitchen another 20 minutes tomorrow but I was aware that still wouldn’t be enough. And then I realized that I was about the leave the kitchen a tiny bit better (big win!) but I still hadn’t cleared one countertop and even one countertop wouldn’t be enough. So I loaded up a new podcast episode and went for it turning my original 20 minutes into one hour and 45 minutes. And it worked!

So in the remaining 85 minutes I cleaned today my kitchen looks pretty swell countertop wise! I even took extra photos (on my phone, sorry) to prove it. Now what’s left tomorrow is some decluttering of drawers/cabinets and then some deep cleaning like mopping, scrubbing cabinets, etc. In my extra 85 minutes I:

*Emptied the trash and recycling into our garage containers

*Cleared every counter off

*Scrubbed every counter

*Replaced only what needed to be on a counter for now (maybe we can narrow this down again soon)

Smoothie counter now.

Smoothie counter now.

Candle still lit and a clean stove!

Candle still lit and a clean stove!

Fruit and coffee counter now.

Fruit and coffee counter now.

*Scrubbed the stove

*Used the recent sock pot to become a bottle/pumping accessories pot gathering place as I am still collecting items from around the house so we can pack up/put away most of it since I am done pumping and baby doesn’t take many bottles

Now the sock pot is the bottle least until I have found all the bottle items and can officially put them away!

Now the sock pot is the bottle pot…at least until I have found all the bottle items and can officially put them away!

*Sent photos to my hubby who loves clean counters but doesn’t see them happen often!

Totally empty counter other than the bottle pot!

Totally empty counter other than the bottle pot!

Find the whole <a href=””>31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here</a>.


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