Day 10: How We Got Here?

I like to think I’ve been losing to the house since I moved in nearly three years ago after our marriage and honeymoon (funny story for another day). I moved into a house my husband had already owned for five years. We didn’t sort through his stuff to make room for my stuff until after we were married. And at the time, he owned over 130 t-shirts, seriously! Last year or maybe the year before (who remembers?) our closet organizer literally fell off the walls because it was too heavy on his side!

Then within five months of marriage, we were pregnant and expecting our firstborn. So we shuffled everything out of our second bedroom to make a nursery. Most of those items that had been in the guest bedroom got shoved into closets, our room, and our garage. Then eight months after our son was born we found we were pregnant again with a second boy. We are very happy to be parents to two adorable and fun little guys but wow, they come with a lot of stuff!

And we have two dogs who are very good but get into a bit of trouble if left alone together left to their own devices. So they come with crates to sleep in and beds downstairs in the living room and other doggy items around the house.

It’s not like I was a minimalist to begin with, though I long for it now. I am rather sentimental so I came with my own share of boxes of my childhood and memories, many that I still haven’t sorted through since marriage.

Since we’re working in the kitchen again today let’s talk about that some. We LOVE to cook and we cook three meals a day, plus snacks for three of us (since baby isn’t on solids yet). We use just about all of our pots and pans regularly. Before my diet, I loved to bake so that used a lot of items too. And we crockpot, Kitchen Aid mix, juice, grind, etc often enough that our counters are often covered in those appliances too and it seems so tiring to put them back and pull them out again every week. But here we are with counters that can’t be used practically, cutting boards are balanced on crockpots, apples are stacked on top of a baking pan, spices are everywhere.  So that’s why I spent nearly two hours just clearing counters yesterday!

So in 20 minutes today I:

  • Steamed with vinegar and scrubbed and scrubbed and toothbrush scrubbed (even) our dirty dirty microwave.



  • And tidied the countertops again so they look nice for day two of clean countertops!

And mostly, I took a really long much needed nap.

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.



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