Day 11: Why Now?

Since yesterday delved into why I always feel like my house is winning control over me, today it’s worth sharing why now is the time for me to fight back more than ever. Our biggest reason is because we want to move. And we don’t want a future home to win over us. But in order to move, we need to fix up and sell this current home. That is nearly impossible to do when it is cluttered and dirty.

So cleaning out our master bathroom with decluttering, garbage sweeps, and scrubbing makes room for us to pull out our final bit of carpet and put up some nice tile on the stair leading to the bath. Creating and keeping clean countertops in our kitchen and decluttering what we can from the shelves and drawers makes it possible to start the kitchen remodel we have been saving for this year.  Tidying bookshelves and packing them up for a storage locker for a season makes our house easier to show to potential buyers. Cleaning out our room not only makes a sanctuary but makes painting the room much much easier than it would be right now in its current landing zone state. And these habits of daily cleaning will help us to move into a new home someday with just what we want to house there, no extras. It will allow us to use that home as a sanctuary and a blessing to our family and others. It will be a gift. Cleaning, tidying, decluttering on a regular basis will be a gift to myself, my home, my family, and others. And that’s a gift I am willing to fight for, clean for, blog for now.

So that being said, today’s project is our bathroom vanity. A vanity that we are hoping to replace in our remodel soon. The more cleaned out and cleaned up it is, the sooner we can get a new one and someday, a new to us home!

Today I didn’t set an alarm. I just turned on a Joy the Baker podcast, which I love and totally recommend and cleaned until I was done! It worked out that the podcast ended at the same time, so I cleaned for 55 minutes.

In that time I:

  • Cleared the whole vanity countertop
  • Emptied the drawers
  • Organized our cold/flu medicine kit-tossing what was expired or had leaked and making a list of what we may need for the following year
  • Organized everything-hair styling items, toothbrush/floss stash, deodorants, shampoos/conditioners, nail polish items, etc, etc, etc
  • Replaced everything in its right place in drawers
  • Threw away a whole bag of garbage-mostly empty bottles/items
  • Made a box of items to be brought downstairs like random paperwork, toys, bottles for the bottle pot, etc
  • Scrubbed both sinks again for the week
  • Scrubbed the countertops
  • Washed the big mirror
  • Gave my oldest a bath while I was doing this, he was really happy to get a blue colored bath thanks to some Elmo bath color tablets
  • And only replaced the pretty decorative items on the countertop!

Tomorrow is rest and planning day as well as a fall party we are hosting, so we will probably do some more quick cleanups around the house tonight to prepare! But nothing should take too long because we are already 11 days into Being Our Own Maid and the house is really truly looking better than ever.

Blue bath water!

Blue bath water!

It's hard to avoid being in a mirrored photo.

It’s hard to avoid being in a mirrored photo.

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