Day 13: Finishing the Job

I’ve been great at starting projects: crafts, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, planning, etc. I am not so great at finishing projects.  But it is so important when it comes to being your own maid and getting your house more home-like!

Since starting this 31 day experiment there have been many days where not every project gets finished in 20 minutes or even in one day if you work past the 20 minute mark. Even early on when I was deep cleaning my master bathroom I finished most of it but still had to wash and replace my shower curtains. That is what the next day is for and for the two minute tasks of putting the shower curtains back up once each was dry.  When I cleaned my kitchen countertops I found a pile of items that needed to be put back upstairs, doing it isn’t officially kitchen work but clearing them out of the kitchen and then finding their own special spot is finishing the job. And it matters!

All this being said…today was downstairs closets and we emptied one entirely which has now led to a zillion piles in our living room: paperwork that needs to be filed, art supplies I have been looking for, the dedication outfit for our son that we need for Sunday which spurred this project, Halloween items we can give away or loan out to friends, etc. I have been working on it for 20 minutes and hours and hours past, even to the point my husband came home and joined me. (That closet holds a lot more than we know). So the project won’t be completely finished tonight but this month is all about finishing the job so each pile will be given away, loaned out, filed, used, collated into one special spot, etc. And it will happen soon because I want to FINISH THE JOB.

Forget about my 20 minutes today since I went on and on and on, but today I:

  • (Real Talk) Emptied a pack and play that had gone unused by babies in the past two months but was filled with all sorts of things we meant to donate and never got out of the house
  • Emptied our never ending, super packed closet and organized everything into its proper place (ideally) and pile (for some, for now)
  • Posted a zillion things online to our local Buy Nothing group to giveaway or loan out for Halloween
  • Threw away any garbage
  • Put away the pack and play for now
  • Vacuumed out the closet
  • Only put back what absolutely SHOULD stay in the closet (like doggy items, board games, camera equipment, classic video games for when our boys are a lot older, etc)


Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.




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