Day 14: Train Them While They are Young

I may have said this before but I have a toddler who loves to help out around the house. Of course, letting him help takes extra grace and patience from me but it always proves to be more fun with him than without him. So today I decided to do the big fall task of washing our windows (at least downstairs) and enlisted his help. He was proud to wear his new rain boots and his little apron and get his own squirt bottle (of water) and a towel. And later on, while I washed the inside of our windows he helped me dust after we’d tackled the outsides of the windows.



Little window washer!

Little window washer!

Does anyone else like washing windows? Ours aren’t too high and I like cleaning windows because you see quick obvious results (unlike yesterday’s closet). So we spent 30 minutes today washing and dusting windows/windowsills. Once the boys are down for a nap I hope to get back to work on some of those unfinished closet piles! If I do, I will report here later!

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