Day 15: More Closets?

More closets to tackle! Yep, seriously. Our house only has two bedrooms but we have 2.5 bathrooms and 5 closets (not even counting the one in an bathroom that holds our washer and dryer-which will be a task for another day). And boy, do we use those closets. But I’m still not convinced we use them well.

So today in 20 minutes, I:

  • Tackled two out of three closets because my toddler was sleeping near the last one
  • Reorganized our linen closet, refolded towels by type, got all our extra bedding in the bottom nicely folded, pulled out some empty photo frames to fill and hang up later (maybe 30 days of home decorating in November?), assessed some old computer games of my husband’s that maybe he will let me give away after years of them staying in a linen closet
  • Emptied three more laundry baskets, put everything away and hung up all my husband’s clothes as he likes
  • Found some clothes of my husband’s in our closet that weren’t hung up and hung them so he can go through and assess what he wants to keep/donate/toss based on age/use/and size of the shirt since he has lost a lot of weight recently
  • Pulled out any dirty laundry my dear husband had around the room and closet

And later, once my toddler woke up I put all his clean clothes away.

I should mention that I was able to get into our master bedroom walk in closet because youngest baby didn’t nap very long.  So he was my buddy while I folded, sorted, and hung everything!


Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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