Day 16: Pantry and MORE Messes?

We are on a pretty restrictive diet to lose weight these days and it is working well. I have lost over 30 lbs and my husband has lost nearly 40. At the same time there are people in our own community struggling to keep themselves and their families well nourished, especially as the colder weather and holidays approach. Today is a chance to declutter things that we aren’t supposed to eat but that are still real nourishing foods (pasta, beans, etc) and donate them to food banks in the area.

I had hoped to get to more deep cleaning of the kitchen today but that didn’t happen with a grumpy toddler, growth spurting baby, and truth be told…a grumpy mama too.

Today is the 16th, which means we are over halfway done with this long experiment. Yesterday, I felt really happy with the house and thought it was looking much better. But then when we sat down to dinner, all of our dishes were crammed to one side of the table as we bumped arms the whole while. And even walking to the table proved challenging with all the toys and blankets all over the floor. And a glance at our kitchen made my recently totally cleared counters look terrible.

Want proof? WP_20141016_016 WP_20141016_014 WP_20141016_013

AGHHHHHHH! Once I got a real glimpse of it, I felt crazy. All my work seems like nothing. Three more laundry baskets put away yesterday and there’s a new one waiting for me today. So I cried. It was so frustrating. And instead of deep cleaning the kitchen, I realized it was time again for a cleaning reset. So an hour later the living room was tidy, kitchen counters were easily cleared, and the paperwork from the dreaded hall closet was sorted and mostly handled (many of it was recycled!). God bless my husband for letting me cry and then helping me clean. He said the countertops just took 2o minutes which included emptying, refilling, and running the dishwasher and you know what, 20 minutes is way easier than the 80+ it took when I originally cleared the counters.

All this said, I am learning really and truly that cleaning is never a one time or just once a season or once a month job. It takes so many resets. And we all keep eating food, wearing clothes, and using our belongings so more messes are bound to happen. The goal is to just pick them up again. Keep on keeping on, am I right?

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3 comments on “Day 16: Pantry and MORE Messes?

  1. I totally get this. It’s hard to stay on top of things. My floors are mopped, but my laundry isn;t put away, dishes are in the sink, bathrooms need to be cleaned, table tops are cluttered…and who knows what messes are in my kids rooms! It’s a never ending process.

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