Day 17: Cleaning Kits

Most maids either come with their own cleaning kit or have their favorite products they are happy to find and use in their clients’ homes. We own SO MANY cleaners (Costco membership anyone) but don’t have favorites exactly. Because I am rather frugal, I’d love to use up the products we own and then replace most of them with environmentally safe and kid friendly products (since I like letting my kiddo help me). So when I made my cleaning kits today and organized through all our cleaners, I made my kits with the containers that are closest to empty.

So today in 20 minutes, I:

  • Pulled out all our cleaners during naptime from all over the house (goodness we have SO MANY!)  cleaningproducts
  • Made cleaning kits with the most empty items so I can hopefully keep our house clean and use them up one at a
  • Used some of the cleaners right away!
  • I scrubbed all three toilets while I was retrieving cleaners from around the house
  • Cleaned all of our stainless steel appliances
  • Cleaned our ceramic stove top with ceramic cleaner
  • Refilled the Jet Dry in our dishwasher
  • Sprayed some nice fall scented air freshener in our downstairs bathroom
  • Mixed some Dr. Bronner’s soap with water to make homemade shampoo
  • Pulled out some cleaners for use on next week’s Be Your Own Maid to-do list that’s being developed now!

Woo hoo! How often do you go through your own cleaners? Does it remind you to clean a few things too, as it did for me? Do you have any cleaners you don’t need or would like to use up and not buy again?

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.



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