Day 18: Laundry Room And Bathroom

Our downstairs half bathroom is also our laundry room which means it gets used all the time and gets dusty. Plus, since we use cloth diapers around here there’s always a poopy diaper container that often smells…a bit poopy! And since it’s the only bathroom downstairs it is our public, shared bathroom when we have guests over so it’s the one the HAS to be cleanest.  So it’s time to attack it with a full battle plan as in, move the washer and dryer out and find dropped items behind them, mop the floors, etc, etc, etc!

So today in 20 minutes, I:

  • Emptied the whole room, including under the sink
  • Emptied the trash
  • Moved the washer and the dryer to find dropped items behind/between them
  • Scrubbed the toilet and sink
  • Wiped down the outside of the washer and dryer, dog hair tends to collect here since we have two dogs
  • Sorted out littlest baby clothes to only what fits now and then folded and organized
Cute Little Baby Clothes

Cute Little Baby Clothes

I wasn’t quite done at the 20 minute mark, so in just ten more minutes, I:

* Got on my hands and knees and hand mopped the whole floor, including around the toilet-lots more dog hair there

* Cleaned the mirror

* Reorganized under the sink

* Put everything that belongs in the room back

* Lit my favorite candle to help clean out the smell of cleaners and make the room/house smell more October-y!

It was fun to start using my new cleaning kit for the room, hopefully I can empty out these containers soon by keeping the house cleaner than I used to do. And as I have said before, having one totally clean room is wonderful to me. And now that both this downstairs laundry room/bathroom is clean and our master bathroom is still clean I have two perfect rooms-for today!

What did you clean, tidy, or organize today?

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