Day 19: Sunday is a Day to Plan and Rest

Ah, another beloved restful Sunday.

My plan for the week ahead since many of our rooms are decluttered and cleaned is to hit a few more hot spots and to do fall cleaning work that isn’t required often and many people (myself usually included) skip unless they have a maid to think of it.

Monday- Home reset and unfinished projects like shoe closet, nursery closet, paperwork, etc

Tuesday- Tidying bookshelves and cleaning light switches and door handles around the house

Wednesday- Refresh our towels, clean the dishwasher, and clean out our silverware tray, kitchen declutter

Thursday- Clean our window treatments and super scrub grout in our two showers

Friday- Clean out the washing machine, clean under/behind fridge & oven, vacuum stairs, tackle Seattle mildew

Saturday- Clean living room and dining room furniture

Sunday-Rest and Plan

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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