Day 20: Home Reset and Finishing Projects

I am enjoying using Mondays for home resets and I am starting to realize why FlyLady has Home Blessing Hours on Mondays. It really is nice to sort of tidy up after busy weekends. It does seem to take more than 20 minutes but that works out for me because I like to stay closer to home on Mondays since we have very active weekends. Last weekend for example included a babysitter and Friday night date, a pumpkin patch adventure Saturday, and a baby dedication and brunch with family on Sunday!

On top of a home reset, which isn’t perfect but things feel tidier I also worked on some unfinished projects I either started last week or didn’t have time to get to already.

Today in 20 minutes, I:

  • Emptied the dryer
  • Took up two full baskets of laundry and one with other items that belonged upstairs
  • Put away some paperwork from the other hall closet that has been on the kitchen table too long now
  • Organized the shoe closet
  • Added random cold weather gear from around the house to the shoe closet
  • Vacuumed the floor and shelves of the shoe closet since it is right next to our front door it gets really dusty in there.
  • Pulled out some shoes to sell/donate  Shoes

I kept going about 35 more minutes and:

*Emptied the two full laundry baskets, plus one more already in our room

*Put away all the items that belonged upstairs

*Put away littlest baby clothes that no longer fit

*Created a bag of items to donate to a mom due with a baby soon

*Created a bag of baby clothes that don’t fit to pass onto friends

*Sorted ALL the socks-this takes so long for four of us now (any tips to speed it up or how long to keep unmatched socks???)

The house looks and feels better. I  may light my nice smelling candle and read the Joy the Baker‘s new cookbook that arrived in the mail today…Homemade Decadence. No, I can’t eat any of this currently on my diet but one day, one day!

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


3 comments on “Day 20: Home Reset and Finishing Projects

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Matching socks: I buy all the same kind and color for each person in my family. My husband gets black from walmart, my girls have white from target and I have white from costco. It makes it so I’m just digging for a size, not a specific sock. It’s so nice!

    • howtosavethekosmos says:

      That is a really good idea! I am really hoping that a year from now both boys will have similar sized feet (since they are just 17 months apart which may help some too. Thanks for the wise mama tip!

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