Day 21: Starting Some Fall Cleaning

I’ve always like the concept of spring and fall cleaning but never been great at it. As I’ve said before I love to research the best ways to clean and make lots of lists of what to do clean but I’m not great on the follow-through. So in my imagination, a maid would be really helpful for fall and spring cleaning since I never make the time for it in the first place.

So today was about tackling some much needed tasks that should be done every once in a while but often aren’t in our house. Today I cleaned all the door knobs and light switches around the house. I used one of my nearly empty cleaning items from one of my cleaning kits and went around with just a washcloth-easy peasy but not done often enough!

And then I went to work on our bookcases.

So in 20 minutes, I:

  • Used a washcloth doused with cleaner to wipe down all of our light switches and door knobs in the house-quick but needed in germ and grime season
  • Replaced all the books in our bookshelves that our toddler had pulled out recently while playing in our room
  • Sorted a few categories of books but didn’t go crazy with my organizing since I wanted to keep to under 20 minutes today
  • Removed garbage on the bookshelves, I hadn’t even noticed my dear husband had left receipts and change up there
  • Filled a box with items to be brought downstairs or donated
  • Pulled out some fall-themed books to read with our toddler
  • Dusted the shelves
I love this picture, phone snap for the win!

I love this picture, phone snap for the win!

Also, just ten more days left in October and this experiment! I am already starting to formulate what all I can tackle and finish in those ten days as well as where I’d like to go next with learning to love our home more (as long as it is ours).

And now I get to rest and read my new cookbook before adding it to our shelves. Fall weather, dusted bookshelves, reading seems like the perfect resting activity!

Are you thinking about what you will take or carry with you after the 31 days are up?

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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