Day 22: Towels & Kitchen Declutter

Today was a good day, though our toddler hasn’t napped all day and his little brother is taking fitful naps here and there.

I wanted to try out the famous towel refresher tip that is always floating around Pinterest. I was happy to find this review that said it worked well, it was encouraging! Obviously washing each load of towels (we have about two total) twice and then drying them takes over 20 minutes but while they started I got to other tasks for the day.

While the boys were having a happy moment I started going through kitchen cupboards and drawers and pulling out items we no longer want/need or never used.

We have a whole bunch of dishes that weren’t working for us anymore now we have kids to sell. Then I was able to post two cookie sheets, three muffin pans, one bundt pan, one springform pan, a bunch of baby/toddler utensils, a pizza cutter, a wine stopper, a whisk, a pastry cutter, and more (all of which were duplicates) on our local Buy Nothing group.


It is nice to pass on items that we don’t want to take with us when we move someday and especially to know they will go to homes where they will be loved and used more than they were here.

Part of my declutter was unloading the entire silverware drawer, wipe it out, and only put back what we want to keep. That is always a nice feeling because it certainly gets packed with too much and plenty of crumbs.

One last cleaning activity, emptying the dishwasher and putting a measuring cup full of vinegar on the top and running it again by itself to clean the actual dishwasher. Our dishwasher is stainless steel so it doesn’t get stained like some can but it does get grimy. So I used this great link to clean my own dishwasher really easily!

20 minutes and lots of items decluttered and on my way to refreshed/softer towels and a super clean ready-to-clean-dishes-again dishwasher! Easy peasy!

What did you do in your 20 minutes today?

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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