Day 23: Toothbrushes and Tiles

A friend was seven months pregnant right before I found myself pregnant with our firstborn. So I tracked the end of her pregnancy closely because I was all awash in pregnancy hormones, hopes, and dreams. Amidst nesting and an excitement to meet her baby in person, she cleaned her whole house and one of her tricks was how to clean bathroom tile better than any other way. Her advice, mixing dish soap and vinegar and using a toothbrush. Seven months after the birth of her baby, I found myself in the tub scrubbing my tiles and grout with a toothbrush dipped in dish soap and vinegar and it worked beautifully.  Then I had that baby, 21 months passed, and even another little boy joined our family.

Today was definitely a good time to clean the bathroom tile grout again. And I pulled out my trusty cleaning toothbrush, some dish soap I needed to use up, and my big bottle of vinegar (seriously, the cheapest cleaning agent) and got to work with a podcast blaring!

I scrub vertically and then horizontally and then I use a washcloth with just dish soap to wipe all the tiles and get rid of any last marks before spraying each shower wall down.





I also washed our window treatments today though I had to run to the store first to get non-chlorine bleach (which isn’t marketed as non-chlorine bleach at all!).  Things are looking better and brighter around here!

What did you do today?

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