Day 24: Miscellaneous Deep Cleaning

Today is a random mix of miscellaneous deep cleaning, but sometimes housework is that way. Speaking of random, my husband did another home rest for us on Wednesday just two days after the last one but we needed it. Counters clutter so quickly, toys get strewn about, dogs shed hair everywhere, baby spits up, laundry piles up…housework lasts forever.

I had to break up my cleaning times and I definitely didn’t get everything I wanted done with off kilter baby naps, a busy morning, a family visit, and heading out this evening to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I didn’t get to clean my washing machine because it was in use all day or to cleaning behind my kitchen appliances. But I did wipe under the oven and fridge and then bleach wiped the other edges of the kitchen where the stickiest/dustiest spots lie. I did attack major mildew spots around the house, Seattle is wet and mildewy (especially in the fall and winter).  And I did a ton of laundry to get caught up after a few other busy days.

The best cleaning list in my new opinion is a flexible list. It’s good to make weekly plans of what you’ll be tackling but you need to give yourself grace and room to clean more or less as life allows.

As I have been decluttering and cleaning through the house I have been coming up with other projects that need tackling around here; some decorative, some fixing, some purchases that need to be made (new fire extinguishers is one example), etc.

So tell me, how do you keep track of all the things you need to do to be an adult?  I am really interested in creating a command center though it may need to wait until next month but don’t want to invest time and money if that system doesn’t actually work for us. What works for you?

And since I didn’t take any nice photos of my cleaning projects today, please enjoy this one of little baby’s super blue eyes!


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