Day 26: The Last Plan and Rest Day of the Month…

Though I spent yesterday resting instead!

Besides today, there is just five days left in the week and Friday is Halloween, a favorite holiday of mine! This is the final stretch (at least for this month) so if you’ve been following along make sure that your plan for the next five days at least finishes up the unfinished jobs you have started. My house may not be perfectly spotless by day 31 (and really, it won’t be with two kids under two, two dogs, and two busy adults) but it sure looks better than we started. And we still have five more days to work hard as well as continue establishing the habit of 20 minutes of extra cleaning/chores a day.

Monday: Home reset

Tuesday: Time again in our bedroom

Wednesday: Time again in our bedroom

Thursday: Back in the kitchen, hopefully one last time

Friday: And vacuum all the floors and swiffer mop those that can be swiffered!

Though my house is looking better and I am feeling more in control of it I still had a moment today that felt like Point-House, Zero Points-Jennifer.  I wanted to clean our couch, la-z-y boy, and dining room chairs yesterday and thus today since I rested. I clean these microfiber covered furniture with ethanol in a spray bottle, a sponge, and a scrub brush. But I couldn’t find my spray bottle of ethanol…even after making my cleaning kits and finding the cleaners all over the house. I know it still is in the house somewhere, but I haven’t seen it and can’t find it now. Argh. Drives me nuts. But at least we are finding more items that we’re searching for than we used to and more items are finding forever homes, at least as long as this home is ours.

So since today wasn’t a rest day, in 20 minutes I:

  • Started a load of laundry
  • Cleared out the front entry area: mostly hanging coats, gathering shoes, a bit of trash collecting
  • Vacuumed the stairs and front landing and entryway
  • Put some kitchen items we are selling today in the clean entryway
  • Carried up things that belong upstairs and carried down things that belong downstairs

And during the 20 minutes, my sweet husband:

  • Started a load of dishes
  • Took out the garbage
  • Tidied the living room of toys
  • Sorted through random paperwork and mail from the week that we hadn’t got to already

I love when he is available to get in on the 20 minutes because we get twice as much done. Our downstairs looks pretty great right now!

Tidy Toy Shelf

Tidy Toy Shelf

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