Day 27: Home Stretch AND Reset

Another home reset and you know what, I don’t dread these at all. I am so aware that the home gets used and used well and needs to be restored quite often, everyday really. I’d love to get where ten minutes a day could keep it tidy on top of deeper, intentional cleaning sessions. Have any of you got it to that point yet?

I’m also making plans for what will come after this series. My first plan is Be An Adult Week, essentially Anti-Procrastination Week! I know that I am a married adult woman with two kids and I do lots of adult things all the time like changing diapers, feeding babies/toddlers, driving around, and paying bills. But there are some things I don’t take care of fast enough or I put off way too long (anyone else a procrastinator?). So November 1st-7th will be my Be An Adult Week. I will be getting the car’s oil changed, printing photos for frames/photobooks/cards for grandparents, I will schedule dentist’s appointments for the three of us that have teeth so far, I will get some items dry cleaned, and sew up some household items that need a bit of work, etc, etc, etc. I have been storing up projects and to-do items in a storage basket over the past few days and will keep doing so over the duration of this 31 days so I will be ready come November 1st.  Do you have projects that need to get done? Would you like to be a part of  my Be An Adult Week?

So back to today, in 20 minutes I:

  • Emptied three more laundry baskets
  • Started a new load of laundry
  • Tidied our master bathroom and counter
  • Quick decluttered out bedroom floor (more work on this over the next two days)
  • Scrubbed two toilets and two sinks
  • Picked up dirty laundry that didn’t make it into hampers in our room

In 20 extra but needed minutes I:

*Quick mopped our tile floors since we vacuumed the entry yesterday (finishing off a bottle of cleaner, time to put the next least-full one from our stockpile into the downstairs cleaning kit bucket!)

*Emptied the dishwasher

*Refilled and started the dishwasher

*Quick decluttering of our kitchen countertops

*Handwashed dirty knives and spatulas


Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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