Day 28: Our Bedroom and the Style Cure

As I prepared to conquer my bedroom in two days a really good look at the room let me know that it wouldn’t be ship-shape in 48 hours or two 20-minute sessions. And while I’ve had other days where I can clean for hours today was busy and tomorrow is even more so.

So in 20 minutes , I:

  • Woke the baby (which always happens when I clean our room, I need a better system for this asap)
  • Hung up all clean clothes that were waiting for baby to not be sleeping in the closet
  • Tidied some trash
  • Emptied a toy box of everything that wasn’t toys
  • Hung up items that needed it
  • Sent some items downstairs that didn’t belong in our room
  • Found all the dirty laundry and started a new load in the wash
  • And the biggest thing I did the whole time was 20 minutes of thinking about the room and what I want it to look like someday soon. This is great timing because I’ve been getting subscription emails to Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure which is 22 days of working to clean out, design, and decorate one room in your house. So using my 20 minutes of tidying the room already I was able to think through the first three days of activities all at once, even without the field trip for style scouting (since that is sort of an ongoing fun project for me).

Have you ever participated in Apartment Therapy’s Style Cures before?

Also, once again I didn’t snap any great cleaning shots as I was thinking hard, tidying hard, and trying to entertain baby so please enjoy these cute Halloween costumes my kids have been wearing very often this month…

WP_20141028_007 firetruck1

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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