Day 29: The Fastest Easiest Home Reset Yet

Since I am going to be working on our bedroom for the next few weeks as part of Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure I skipped that item on my weekly plan. Instead we did another home reset for a playdate I was hosting.

Today my husband joined me this morning helping and in 20 minutes we:

  • Got all the dirty laundry into a basket in the bathroom
  • Did the dishes and started the dishwasher
  • Tidied toys
  • Picked up any clothes/coats/shoes lying around
  • Cleared the table and put down a new table cloth under our Halloween decorations
  • Vacuumed
  • And lit our nice candy corn scented candle

It was great! Not down to 10 minutes a day yet but 20 minutes is the equivalent of two days of 10 minutes which would have been the length of time since Monday’s home reset.

We were both pleasantly surprised how quickly our downstairs came together and was crowd friendly and baby-safe/clean. Doing a little bit of work often really does make things easier. Of course I always mentally knew this was true but now this month I have been living it and learning it by heart for my own home.


Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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