Day 30: Another Home Reset?

Are we crazy or geniuses? We reset our home again as I am hosting another group of friends tomorrow for a simple Halloween get together. Maybe other people’s homes can stay nice in the one day between events but ours doesn’t. Beyond dishes and laundry piling up, all the toys come out, more clothes are put on and removed at random, and even by tonight our entire table display was emptied and shook out by one adorable little boy. Plus, with all this rain our footprints and dog’s footprints are all over the front entry carpet and tile.

So another home reset was on the menu, which will make my life easier tomorrow after my workout and shower and before my friends arrive with their kiddos. Originally I had hoped to get in to work on the nursery today but one kid didn’t nap for hours though he was trying in the nursery and then he finally fell asleep and napped for three hours. So that was five hours I couldn’t be in there and the rest of the day was feedings, cooking, errands, and diapers. And really a home reset was more important because no one sees the nursery but us, and our kids certainly don’t care.

Today’s home reset took just twenty minutes but three of us were involved and we got so much done!

In 10 minutes,

  • My husband and toddler picked up all the toys
  • I cleared the table and reset the table display and table cloth
  • I filled the ice cube trays for tomorrow
  • I gathered all the clothes and started a load of laundry
  • I made a sauce and put it on two pork loins to go into the oven
  • I washed and cut up some grapes for tomorrow
  • My sweet husband emptied and refilled the dishwasher
  • And my husband and son blew up an air mattress so we can all cuddle and watch a movie together

Tomorrow morning will just be a quick bathroom wipe down and vacuum/swiffer mop of the front entry and we should be good to go! Plus, lighting that delicious smelling candy corn candle and the house will be warm and inviting!

We got this great chore chart from our local Buy Nothing Group and it has been fun to use this past week and to keep both our heads and home clear.  Our toddler loved adding his first star tonight after helping with his toys and he really went above and beyond.  How do you share/balance/remind/check in on chores in your household?


Oh goodness, our toddler has already found the DVD and figured out how to put it into the XBOX. Gotta run!

Find the whole 31 Day Be Your Own Maid series here.


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