Be An Adult Week Outcome

Okay, Be An Adult Week has come and gone and I think it went very well. There are always items still left on the to-do list but the fact that I crossed off several that were months or more overdue, it feels worth it.

This week I:

  • Cleaned out our car
  • Did some extra laundry like blankets from around the house and coats, etc
  • Took down Halloween decorations
  • Put up Thanksgiving decorations
  • Scrubbed/sprayed down some items to protect from mildew
  • Sorted boys clothes to items that just fit now and are seasonally appropriate
  • Scraped wax from candles off tabletop/counters where we have lit candles recently
  • Emptied our old expired fire extinguishers (that was fun!)
  • Bought new fire extinguishers
  • Hand sewed some items back together
  • Got the car’s oil changed
  • Scheduled dentist and other medical appointments
  • Printed and mailed some recent photos to the grandmothers
  • AND this is a BIG one…finally sent my wedding dress in for cleaning THREE YEARS later. Goodness, I am good at procrastinating.

And along with procrastinating no more…since we started our diet/fitness programs we have lost over 85 pounds total that we procrastinated on losing too long already.

We're even smaller than we were on our wedding day!

We’re even smaller than we were on our wedding day!


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