2012 Recap

To follow up on last December’s goals:

1.  Eat more whole foods, especially vegetables.  –We did pretty well with this all year till the past month when we went on lots of outings and dates before baby’s arrival.  We bought into a weekly produce box with Full Circle Farms for three months early in the year and have signed up for another one starting in January too.  We also bought a pig from my farmer friend and are still working through that and the cow we bought earlier.

2.  Get enough sleep.  – I think we did well with this especially considering we’re ending the year with our firstborn child.

3.  Pay off as much school debt as possible.  – We are really proud of ourselves on this account.  We paid off over $30,000 in debt this year!  Most of it went to student loans and car and some to our HOA’s need for new roofs on each house.  We’re hoping to finish the student loans and car by the end of 2013, it’s over $30,000 left but we have big dreams.

4.  We would both like to get in better shape. – We didn’t do great on this goal but we didn’t get much worse either.  We found out I was pregnant in early May and that definitely changed a lot of our plans, but I still maintained a healthy pregnancy and will probably write more about that soon.

5. Start volunteering at church more.  – This year we were actively involved in the hospitality/greeting team, the worship team, VBS, and announcements.  We had to be early to church every 2-3 weeks each month.  Now that baby is arriving (tomorrow!) we have taken a hiatus from everything indefinitely as we work to minister to ourselves as a newly expanded family.

6.  We have several vacations planned just for us, but we’d also like to read at least two marriage books together.  – We didn’t read any books through together but we did read lots of articles and blogs and talk about our marriage often.

7.  We both want our home to be a tidy, clutter free, restful place retreat for ourselves and anyone who needs. – There’s always room to grow with this one, or more white space to make in a home but I am so much happier with our house this December then I was last year.  Maybe just getting married threw me off because I couldn’t keep track of where my beloved items were amidst Robert’s.  I feel I have much more control of the house and generally know where to find things now.  There’s always more we can declutter, but I am leaps and bounds ahead of a year ago and feel ready for baby to move in and join the craziness too.



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